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"Celia is a very charismatic player.  She has a lovely, warm tone quality and a fluid and refined technical facility, brilliant, yet sensitive.  She is a thorough musician and extremely reliable in performance...  She possesses a rare ability to communicate with her audiences...  In addition she has a wonderful, delightful personality, she is a real joy to be with and contributes to the overall success of any endeavor she joins."

- Susann McDonald, Distinguished Professor of Harp

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana


"(Celia Chan Valerio has a) a very nice tone with wonderful variation of tonal color--solid and rewarding interpretations.”

- Ann Hobson Pilot, Principal Harp, Boston Symphony


"I can attest that Celia is emerging as a "one of a kind" artist, a true performer who transcends the idiosyncrasies of our instrument with strong style and presence. She makes the harp an instrument of substance, deserving of the same respect as the piano or the violin. Her now mature approach actually reminds me of Itzhak Perlman when he was about her age, with the same beguiling, irresistible joy of communication."

-Dominique Piana, Adjunct Professor of Harp

University of Redlands, CA (1983-2002)


"Celia is an accomplished, sensitive musician who is in constant demand by the various ensembles... She is intelligent, disciplined, highly motivated and unquestionably talented.  Her wonderful sense of humor and unassuming manner have won her many friendships among her peers, and her dedication to her art has earned her their respect."

-Claude Baker, Professor of Composition

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN


"Celia is a harpist of extraordinary talent and skill... She must be categorized as a truly gifted artist.  Celia has given many fine performances and has earned some of the highest honors for her musical achievements.  Her fresh outlook on life contributes to her energetic performances, as she demonstrates skillful dexterity and mature understanding in both solo and orchestral concerts.  She plays with rhythmic intensity and warm, rich tone that fills the largest concert hall.  Celia's brilliant musical phrasing is paired with a rare depth of feeling to create a truly memorable experience in each concert.  Her superb talent as a harpist provides an inspiring musical performance every time I hear her."

-Beverly Wesner-Hoehn, D. Mus

Assistant Professor of Harp,

Indiana University, Bloomington (1991-1997)

Treasurer, World Harp Congress (c.1990-c.1998)


Contact Celia via e-mail (celiaharp@aol.com) or by phone/fax at 909.799.1116