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Celia Chan Valerio has been teaching harp for over 20 years, starting in California and continuing in Indiana and Florida and then back to California. She teaches in her private studio and at La Sierra University and University of California Riverside.


The students range in age from 7 years old to 70 years old, and all attend private one-on-one lessons. The tuition covers playing technique, music reading and theory, ear training, rhythm and composition. Each lesson is tailored to the specific needs of the individual student, and is designed to be inspiring and fun at all levels.


She encourages all of her students to perform in an informal recital which is held almost monthly.Once or twice per year, her students perform in the community.


There are harps for rent, so that you don't have to buy one before you have some experience, or before you are sure that this is what you or your child want to continue with. When you are ready to buy, we are happy to help advise you, and help you choose the best instrument for

Celia’s harp studio is located in Loma Linda, California.


Contact Celia via e-mail (celiaharp@aol.com) or by phone/fax at (909) 799-1116